Metatrader4 Products

The Meatrader4 platform is an extremely popular FX trading platform used by huge numbers of traders all around the world. Below is a list of products that we offer for this platform

Metatrader4: Reward to Risk Plot Script

A great utility script that will plot out reward to risk levels for open positions or pending orders. Makes keeping track of how your trade is doing a breeze!

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Metatrader4: Break-even Stop Manager EA

A great utility EA that will automatically move your stop-loss to break-even when your trade reaches a certain level of profit

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Metatrader4: Total Trade Manager EA

A comprehensive trade management EA that will handle all aspects of your trade once it is opened, including moving your stop up at predetermined profit levels and working a trailing stop which is activated at pre-defined level of profit.

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ForexTester Products

ForexTester Back-test Platform

A very powerful tool for walking through historic data on a bar by bar basis. Learn how to trade by playing back past data and making your trading decisions. Come with a suite of indicators and tools and the ability to add custom indicators and automated strategies. Buy the platform through us at a discount to the full retail price.

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ForexTester: Easy Order Entry Script

If you need to do position sizing calculations for constant account risk on your entries then this natty ForexTester script is for you. When you run the script it automatically replaces your order with one sized to the correct amount for your required risk. It saves countless hours in back-test sizing calculations

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ForexTester: Riskless Pyramid Approach

This is an aggressive way to pyramid trades in a risk-free way. At each new add-on the stop-loss on the combined position is moved to break-even By doing this multiple times very aggressive returns can be achieved with no additional risk apart from that of the initial trade with one sized to the correct amount for your required risk. With this ForexTester add-on you can learn how to use this powerful technique for yourself.

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